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The chef

Daniel Alvarez, born 44 years ago in Paris, graduated from hotel school, he directed his first piano lines at the restaurant Ledoyen in Paris (2 stars in the Michelin Guide), then continued his career in various restaurants in the capital. He was also the chef for several ministers (Jack Lang, François Léotard, Philippe de Villiers), he enters in a Hotel Group of marseille to handle the Restoration of various hotels located mainly in the south of France. It will finish by the Directorate of Food and kitchens of the hotel Beau Rivage and the beach at Nice for 6 years.
Daniel Alvarez decide to work for its own account and to take advantage of his almost 30 years of experience. He established its establishment in 1st Quarter Business The Arenas in Nice where he developed over 4 years a concept of cooking meals for small business budgets.
Late 2007 is a stroke of heart that leads him to buy the Brasserie-Restaurant de L'Union, in fact this mythical establishment of Nice is held since 1949 by the Family MENARDO, Marcel the Chef and owner wishing to retire well-deserved .
Since the month of December 2007, Daniel ALVAREZ try to perpetuate the tradition of this family Niçoise cooking preserving its authentic character